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The Wonderful Life of Jacques Cousteau, a lecture and slideshow

Northwest Maritime Center, Port Townsend, Washington

Saturday, February 13 at 4:30

Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport, Washington

Saturday, March 27 at 2:00


The word from San Francisco

Alan Littell, author of the novel of the sea, Courage, reviews The Sea King in the Christmas edition of the San Francisco Chronicle:

“In a splendid new biography, Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King, Brad Matsen leads us on that sunny morning with the young diver through crystalline Mediterranean waters carpeted with “silver forests of algae and brightly colored fish.”

Read the entire review here.


In a new review by David Helvarg, the Washington Post calls The Sea King “a fast and thrilling dive through Cousteau’s aquatic life.”

“The Cousteaus… are continuing Jacques’s mission to open up the eyes and ears of the world to the threatened miracle of the sea, the crucible of life on our blue marble of a planet. After reading Brad Matsen’s salty and engaging biography, I’m sure the Sea King would approve.”

The Sea King on reviewers’ best of 2009 list

The Sea King has started to appear on book reviewers’ lists of best books of 2009, including this one from the Seattle Times:

“Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King” by Brad Matsen (Pantheon). Cousteau was a French resistance fighter, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, a family man with a secret second family, a pioneering scuba diver and a prophetic environmental activist. Matsen, his Vashon Island-based biographer, skillfully captures the multifaceted nature of a unique 20th century icon.

John Hartl

Christmas at sea

I’ve been delighted to learn of my  friends and readers who are buying Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King for all the divers, sea lovers, and Cousteau fans on their lists! (And, I might add, my recent book on the Titanic, recently out in paperback, also makes a nice gift.)

Elliott Bay reading

Please join me at our dear old friend, Elliott Bay Books, First Avenue and South Main Street, Seattle, on Thursday, December 3, at 7:00 p.m. when I will read from my new biography, Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King.

Aquaman surfaces

The Aquaman Shrine, had this to say about The Sea King:

I haven’t even finished reading Brad Matsen’s Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King yet, but I can already recommend it to anyone with an interest in the world-famous explorer of the seas. Cousteau’s commitment to caring for the world’s oceans and all the life in them made him a real-life Aquaman.

A regular observation he made throughout his life was how little of the planet’s vast oceans we have explored; which reminds me a lot of Aquaman’s famous line from Kingdom Come about him ruling 70% of the world. After all, they are both known as The Sea King!

Its a highly addictive read, in that author Matsen lays out Cousteau’s incredible life story in such vivid detail that I found myself going way past my “chapter a night” bedtime ritual and reading as much as I could before falling asleep. An amazing life, an excellent read.

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